LEGO® DC Super Heroes

LEGO® DC Super Heroes 4.0.110

Enjoy the legendary humor of a LEGO game in the DC comic Universe

Like super heroes and LEGO's excellent brand of comedy? Then LEGO DC Super Heroes is likely the Android OS game for you! Contrary to the larger, console version of LEGO superhero games, this mobile version of DC Super Heroes has a 3 versus of arena combat format. Choose your team from an expansive roster of DC comic book heroes and then bring your team into the arena to combat the most fierce comic book villains in the DC comic universe. Earn LEGO studs in order to gain access to power ups and special team attacks to help boost your team to victory. Climb the leader boards and become the greatest super hero team in the world!

Play this arcade style heroes versus villains and enjoy the legendary humor of a LEGO game in the DC comic Universe, battling in full 3D graphics on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Some of the highlight features include:

  • Pick from an impressive roster of DC heroes including batman, the flash, Cyborg and superman.

  • Fight against epic villains from your favorite DC stories like Darkseid, Sinestro and Grodd.

  • Switch in new heroes mid battle to gain access to special abilities and new attacks.

  • Find power-ups scattered in breakable crates, gaining even more strength and power in the midst of battle.

  • Every hero and villain in the roster has a full bio including backstory, stats and lists of powers. Learn new facts about your favorite heroes and discover new things about little known characters.

  • This is a living game, and more characters will be included in future updates.
  • Pick your favorite heroes, build your dream DC super hero team and pit them against the worst Villains in the DC roster with LEGO DC Super Heroes. Show the world your dream team and prove to everyone you're the best!

    LEGO® DC Super Heroes


    LEGO® DC Super Heroes 4.0.110

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